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US-1657887-A: Ftjr-sckaping machine patent, US-1658029-A: Weather strip patent, US-1658095-A: Feeding device for belt conveyers patent, US-1658962-A: Hydraulic shock absorber patent, US-1659473-A: Spinach cleaner patent, US-1659974-A: Guard for punch presses patent, US-1660442-A: Folding and siphoning funnel patent, US-1660641-A: Meter and the like patent, US-1660811-A: Worm-thread-polishing machine patent, US-1660860-A: Internal-combustion engine patent, US-166175-A: Improvement in water-meters patent, US-1662022-A: Lubricating system patent, US-1662090-A: vorhauer patent, US-1663756-A: Tube-making appabattjs patent, US-1665121-A: Internal-combustion engine patent, US-1665217-A: Fur-shearing machine patent, US-166569-A: Improvement in letter-scales patent, US-1665785-A: Mechanism for attaching window fixtures patent, US-1665907-A: Upholstery-filling device patent, US-1665937-A: Card-feed mechanism and method patent, US-1666941-A: Internal-combustion engine patent, US-1667021-A: Translator of electrical energy patent, US-1667050-A: Signaling device for automobiles patent, US-1667307-A: Guard for hand straps patent, US-1667382-A: Load lifting and transporting device patent, US-1667672-A: Frequency changer patent, US-1667827-A: Garment patent, US-1667958-A: Slicing machine patent, US-1669214-A: Metal crate patent, US-1670243-A: Apparatus for molding concrete floors patent, US-167043-A: Improvement in car-couplings patent, US-1670461-A: Signaling system patent, US-1670964-A: Heaving plug patent, US-167197-A: Improvement in dental pluggers patent, US-1672069-A: Supporting strap for garments patent, US-1672483-A: Electron-discharge device patent, US-167345-A: Improvement in lamp-founts patent, US-1673593-A: House electric patent, US-1673622-A: Sanitary seat cover patent, US-1673782-A: Awning fixture patent, US-1674200-A: Reduction gearing patent, US-1675435-A: Electrical switch patent, US-1676566-A: Lens-cutting machine patent, US-1676849-A: Flash light patent, US-1676904-A: Heel-attaching mechanism patent, US-1680268-A: Absorbent-pad machine patent, US-1681429-A: Conveyer flight patent, US-1681619-A: Carrier support for switch and signal rods patent, US-1682007-A: freeman patent, US-1682273-A: Wardrobe patent, US-168241-A: Improvement in winker-straps for bridle-blinds patent, US-1683476-A: Manicuring light patent, US-1683589-A: Circuit breaker patent, US-1685851-A: Machine for placing springs in fabric pockets patent, US-1686242-A: Bird cage and the construction thereof patent, US-1686444-A: Triple preheater for boilers patent, US-1687070-A: Foot support patent, US-1687821-A: Spotlight patent, US-1688458-A: Weather strip patent, US-1688581-A: Toothbrush patent, US-1689676-A: Locomotive booster patent, US-1689703-A: Letter opener patent, US-1690113-A: Spring snubber for automobiles patent, US-1692548-A: Method and apparatus for drawing and flattening sheet glass patent, US-1694104-A: Pump for atomizers patent, US-1694154-A: Window-shade fixture patent, US-1694601-A: Control mechanism for radio apparatus patent, US-1694652-A: Locomotive governor patent, US-1694897-A: Distributing device patent, US-1696121-A: Wire folding and cutting machine patent, US-1696324-A: Booster-motor suspension patent, US-1697027-A: Hospital bed patent, US-1697637-A: Plaster base patent, US-1697964-A: Steel-wool article for cleansing and abrading purposes patent, US-16980-A: Smut-machine patent, US-1698207-A: Combined bumper and shock absorber patent, US-1698242-A: Building material patent, US-1698776-A: Indicating device for playing cards patent, US-1699795-A: Buffing mechanism patent, US-1699932-A: Dental press patent, US-1699965-A: Ampullar container and applicator patent, US-170032-A: Improvement in reversible steam-boilers patent, US-1700846-A: Bookmark patent, US-1702062-A: Resistance unit patent, US-1703288-A: Trap patent, US-1703464-A: Finger recoil pad patent, US-1703793-A: Heat regenerator with large surface patent, US-1703984-A: Fuel-supply system patent, US-1703995-A: Wire-coiling machine patent, US-1704941-A: Cribbing patent, US-170524-A: Improvement in machines for fixing couplings to shafts patent, US-1705251-A: High-speed cutter block for woodworking and like machines patent, US-1705454-A: griffiths patent, US-1705500-A: A cqbpobation patent, US-1706346-A: Steam injector patent, US-1706681-A: Saw handle patent, US-1707274-A: Antiaircraft fire control patent, US-1707688-A: Carriage hood and method of making the same patent, US-1708042-A: Snowplow patent, US-1708093-A: Electric motor patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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